About Us

When a family member is considering placement of a loved one or a patient is weighing post-operative options for rehabilitation, health care providers know that the quality of treatment is as important as having coverage.  Customized individualized treatment programs are the key to improving patient outcomes which in turn contribute to the financial stability of a facility and its ability to continue to meeting the needs of its patients.

As an independent, therapist-owned company, Continuum has the flexibility to make quick decisions and deliver customized patient treatment programs. Its organizational structure was created to contain administrative costs and channel financial resources to recruiting and training its therapists. The company is directly managed by therapists who have decades of experience successfully negotiating the constantly shifting regulatory and reimbursement maize.  While these professionals have well-honed business skills, they never stray from Continuum’s mission:

To transform the lives of patients through compassion and the
Utmost clinical skill while delivering operational efficiency and
unparalleled customer support to our healthcare partners who
have been entrusted with their care.

Transforming Lives